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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 29, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, and we've got the best videos of the day "right this minute." >> a woman hops on the elevator with two dogs. the elevator begins to go up, and so does fido. >> oh, no. >> see the shocking turn of events and how she worked frantically to save her best friend. >> i was hysterically curled into a ball crying. he was running around. >> a dude smashes into a mcdonald's, whips out the pepper spray and begins spraying employees, customers. the story behind a world-class flip-out. a guy who raises ducks is
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crushed by a sad sight. >> who thinks that duck is dead? >> oh, no. >> see the rush to bring back his frozen friend. and as any traveler on a long trip knows -- >> you can get really, really hungry. >> why her snack could make you lose your lunch. >> ah! a friendly safety reminder for all pet owners out there. some people may find this a little difficult to watch, but i can assure you the dog in this video not seriously hurt. a woman walks into the elevator with her two dogs. the elevator doors close. the elevator begins to goup, and so does fido. >> oh, no. >> ooh, it' the big dog. >> t big ngo make the elevator stop. she's trying to hold the dog up. you could just unclip the leash. >> but the weight of the dog is pushing? >> it looks like she does struggle with the collar and leash and the dog does eventually drop to the elevator floor.
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the dogs both run out of the elevator. then she looks at her hands. the dog wasn't up there very long. let's break it down. here's what happened. the big dog comes walking in. the leash is dragging behind him. she's not holding the leash. so the dog knows where she's going. the owner knows where she's going. they all jump in the elevator, but the leash is still hanging outside. so when the elevator doors close, probably the little handle to the leash is on the other side of the doors. and that's what pulls the dog up. >> that's a hefty dog. >> big dog. >> and the woman in the elevator is tamara siebert from seattle. what was going through your mind? >> i panicked and i just tried to do whatever i could to get him down. like i had his leash originally, and then i dropped the leash. but i went to pick it up and before i could even pick it up, it slid right through my hands and pulled him up. i tried to left him and unhook it and there's no emergency stop button. it's a nylon leash.
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so the actual leash didn't snap. it was the very end where the metal is, the metal clash, that ended up snapping. >> were you injured in all this? toward the end of the video, we see you're holding your hand. >> i broke two fingers. i shredded my hand in seven places. it's all healed now. >> how was the dog afterwards? >> he ran off the elevator. i was hysterically curled into a ball crying on the tile, and he's running around. oh, i'm fine now. everything's good. it was a month before i even posted the video because it was kind of overwhelming. >> was it scared to get in the elevator after that? >> i was terrified. he's fine. >> typical dog, right? >> is he there? oh, look at fido. >> i posted this to promote awareness. i made a mistake. you have to be careful with scarves, esche lleashes, dresse. you don't really know. i love my dog more than anything else. we've been in the elevator 4,000 times. it seemed so routine. you just never expect it. let's go over to galway,
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ireland, where the title speaks for itself. would you like some pepper spray with your fries? this is at a mcdonald's. this guy kicking his way through the entrance. this guy's apparently a worker. there was customers in there. it's a frantic situation. they're trying to figure out what to do. this guy, he's got pepper spray and begins spraying employees. the guy with one of those wet floor signs comes up and smacks this guy away, gets him to run away for a minute. >> [ bleep ]. >> the guy just rambling, comes inside the store, continues to pepper spray people. just absolute chaos at this mcdonald's. one thing i want to point out which is kind of peculiar. as all this is going on, if you go a little forward in the video -- there's just some people just still eating. here's what led up to this odd exchange at this mcdonald's. >> hey, hey [ bleep ]. >> here's the dude while he was in there. and apparently he was being asked to leave. listen to what he says.
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>> i'm from the lion king. >> he says his name is rafiki from "the lion king." >> i thought i recognized him. >> he is acting like a monkey. >> he's got some sort of musical instrument case with him and he's just causing a scene. >> apparently judging based on the size of his pupils, i am going to guess that he might be under the influence of something. >> yeah. he's got some sort of bottle of something that he's shoving down his pants. who knows what that is. now, some reports in ireland say this man in his 20s was arrested and charged with assault and criminal damage. no one seriously hurt. but getting pepper sprayed doesn't feel good. and defamation of character if you're rafiki. >> yeah. >> because you no he what? don't go around saying you're rafiki when you're clearly not. you're clearly acting a fool. matt mcdougal raises ducks. and he's expecting, like, 2,000 ducklings this spring. but right now his focus is on one duck. you see that duck there in the
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bathtub? he thinks that duck is dead. >> we've got a dead duck. oh, it's mrs. gimp. oh, no. why are you dead? okay, she's still alive. all right, we've got to take her in and get her into some warm water. >> he says she's suffering from hypothermia, and she's in shock. he said he had learned ten years before with his dog how to get her warmed up. he's going to put her in a warm bath. and he has more than 50 minutes of video of him trying to revive this duck. it took him all day to make sure that this duck is okay. it does have a happy ending. but what you really see is this one man's struggle to try to get this duck to come back to life. zproo whoa. >> get in the water. get submerged here. >> why does it have hypothermia? because it was in the water? >> she was in the bathtub. it's set up for the ducks. he says most of the ducks are able to use their wings to fly themselves out. but he says she was the only duck that would try to walk out. he thinks something was wrong with that ramp you saw in the bathtub.
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and she couldn't walk out, and that's why he thinks she got stuck in there. you finally see her start flapping her wings on her own. she's, like, don't manhandle me. >> trying to dry off. >> this is from an online web channel, 50 ducks in a hot tub. while they're expecting 2,000 ducks this spring, they allow viewers to name them. >> that's cool. >> that's how she got her name. >> she stinks. the smell of wet duck in warm water, honestly, what it smells like, it smells like when you so-called them just before you throw them in the plucker. >> that's quite vivid. i feel like i can smell that duck. >> he wraps her up in the towel, and you can see how this big, strapping man loves this duck. >> that's amazing he was able to bring this duck back to life. >> she is now on the road to recovery. >> poor little duck. that was a close call. talk about once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. this is video coming from the helmet of john potter. he is going to paraglide off the great wall of china. >> oh, my gosh.
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that's a cool launch pad. >> needless to say, he probably didn't have an okay to do this. hush-hush. >> the great wall is, like, 13,000 miles long. so i think they probably don't monitor this section just by the appearance of it. >> no posting it on youtube. >> here he is getting his canopy ready to jump, and soon enough he takes a leap and off he goes. >> that's a high spot, too. >> wow. >> gliding, you see parts of the great wall below him. >> oh, that's epic, though. wow! what a scene. >> he flies for about 19 seconds. and then lands in some bushes. at the >> not a windy day i guess there for old john. >> he does spot someone on the great wall. he shouts -- >> hey! >> they scream back at him. listen to the very end. >> the guards are laughing. we're good. >> the guards are laughing. we're good? >> yeah. i think he might be a little overconfident. >> they might be laughing because now we're going to arrest you. ha, ha. we see you. >> now, he is claiming that he is the first person to speed fly
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off the great wall of china. he also claims that he was the first person to fly off two world wonders, petra and jordan and machu picchu in peru. he's got three wonders of the world under his belt. is he going to go after the others? >> i don't know if he could parachute off of stonehenge. flank. that's about it. one guy, 14 voices -- >> mad skills. >> hear him hit the lows. ♪ never gonna give you up >> and the highs. ♪ so i crossed my heart and i hope to die ♪ plus, a speed rider is mastering a steep mountain. but watch what happens here. how triggering an avalanche has him going all james bond to escape.
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hello. >> this handsome little fella is rumi. he's from sweden, and rumi has some mad skills. ♪ but if you close your eyes ♪ does it always feel like nothing changed ♪ >> he can do crazy singing impersonations. and in fact, this video is called "one guy, 14 voices." this possibly my favorite. adam levine from maroon 5. ♪ so i crossed my heart and i hope to die ♪ >> yeah. >> his voice is so high.
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♪ that i'll only stay with you one more night ♪ >> how about bon jovi? ♪ whoa livin' on a prayer ♪ never gonna give you up never gonna let you down ♪ >> that was good. ♪ never gonna give you up ♪ never gonna let you down ♪ never gonna run around and desert you ♪ >> wow. that one's great. >> isn't it good? we've got john mayer coming up. ♪ this is bound to be a while ♪ yeah you young wild girls ♪ you'll be the death of me >> and then bruno mars. and bruno mars has a great voice. this kid sounds just like him. ♪ life is a highway >> it's pretty impressive. and he was actually inspired by another video that went viral. one girl 14 genre. ♪ >> he wanted to do his own spin on that video. >> some are better than others. i agree on that.
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but still the fact that he can even try and doing it close is pretty amazing. >> rick astley is number one. >> i'll do it again. thanks so much watching. ♪ >> guys, this one is spectacular. speed rider david bozon on the mountain. he's got his skis, parachute. that's what speed riding is, being able to bounce from one part of the mountain to the other with your parachute. but watch what happens here. he triggers an avalanche on this mega slope. see it? here comes the snow. almost forming like a river. just beside him. but what comes next is breathtaking. he notices this immense cliff right here. pulls up. flies off the cliff. flourishes with a barrel. and then loops back around. >> wow. >> making an incredibly spectacular shot. thank goodness for the cameras
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everywhere because if you just told your friends this -- >> no one would believe you. this was on epic tv. perfect place for it. the presence of mind and the skill, the sportsmanship to be able to see that all coming together and then put a trick in there or two. >> yeah. >> amazing. because at that point, you'd think he's just going to try to save his own life. so you're not going to try any stunts, but he does it and he nails it. > they star in the wildly popular surf series "who is j.o.b." now jamie o'brien and poopy talk about the waves, the babes, and most importantly -- >> how do you end up with a name like poopy? >> that's the million-dollar question. and it was a prank that went crazy viral. >> he tells his mom he got a girl pregnant. mom just freaks out. mom's about to get a little bit of revenge. how mom and dad get even by turning the tables on their son. >> you're joking.
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closed captioning provided by -- relief of heartburn anand d neneututraraliliz% more acid than tums. atattataboboy!y! rorolalaidids,s, t thahatw you spell relief. popolllon my weekends.d toto s but the power of allegra put me on the road again. >>non-drowsy allegra starts working in one hour anand d ststayays s ststr twenty-four. alallelegrgra.a. s stotop . start living. i've never pranked my dad. >> this kid's got his camera set up. he's hiding it. he's ready to prank his dad. >> have we had him on the show before? >> we have had this i goo on the show before. his name is deji. he pranked his mom. >> you remember miranda.
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she's three months pregnant. >> he tells his mom he got a girl pregnant. mom just freaks out. mom's about to get a little bit of revenge because she's in on this next prank. on deji's dad. >> oh. >> yeah. now, he says his dad's been working on a house for two years. listen to what he tells his dad when his dad comes home. >> jonathan called. >> yeah? what does he want? >> you know the house he's been working on for two years? >> yes. >> the house was set on fire. >> set on fire. >> yeah. >> tells his dad that the house he's been working on for years, it's been broken into and set on fire. that news staggers his dad. >> set on fire. >> yes. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> that's not good. >> dad? are you okay? >> two years. >> are you okay? >> dad falls to the ground. mom comes rushing in. she's upset. >> get the phone!
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get the phone! get the phone! >> dad? dad! >> oh! he got pranked! >> dad's, like, prank me. a couple of times. >> thank you. >> can't prank dad. >> i love that the prankster became the prankee. this one's going viral all around the surfing world and also just all around the world in general. we've got surfing video from season four episode two of the "who is j-o-b" youtube series presented by red bull. wildly popular. j-o-b stands for jamie o'brien, pro surfer. he and his buddies in some of the most awesome places, hanging ten. here they are off of oahu in hawaii. >> at the beginning of winter, we hit these huge swells.
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really gnarly. we thought it would be a good wave for us to, like, get in early, pull in and just get pounded. >> they're using a winch to pull into what they call death barrel. ♪ of course, there's wipeouts, buttons of fun, awesome video. from there they go to one of the most popular surfing spots in the entire world, pipeline. you've heard of that, of course. they say it has the most perfect waves you can find. >> it's amazing what these guys can do on the water. >> i'm, like, ducking. the water starts to creep down. i'm, like, whoa! >> i did it, too. it makes me wonder, can they even walk on land? they seem so comfortable on these boards, just wiggling around out there. like how do they walk just on the sidewalk in >> we've got pro surfer jamie o'brien and his buddy, poopy, joining us. this stuff is wildly popular. this series is incredible. you guys are the best. do you still get nervous?
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>> it's funny, every night before you know what's going to happen, you've got the jitters. it's going to be big. it's going to be gnarly. but once you put yourself in the position of these death barrels, everything is like blocked out. an it's crazy for poopy because he comes from california where the waves are a lot smaller. >> yeah, it's scary out there. the whole time you've got adrenaline going. you get yourself in sticky situations. >> i just keep dragging him in with me. >> i've got to ask you, poopys, how do you end up with a name like this? >> i had a little incident in my wet suit. no. >> really, what happened? >> in the middle of the street and decided to take a poop in his gorilla suit. his friends dared him and he got arrested. >> how do you keep getting up and continuing to surf for the day? >> i think the adrenaline overrides everything. at the end of the day, you end up walking away. you're, like, whoa, i'm really hurt.
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i've got to go to bed early. >> the next morning you wake up and you're so stiff, you can't even move. all right, day off. >> have you ever thought about what you'd be doing if you didn't surf? >> crapping in gorilla suits. >> i don't know. who knows? >> it's hard, you know. >> flipping burgers somewhere. >> i'm just glad that we live on the beach and our everyday life is to not really know what day it is. just keep on going bp. lady on the train decides to have a little snack. >> and it's pretty disgusting. >> see what she picks to scarf down. >> oh! hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry . and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversr, soso i i w wanant t yoyou u tot. ththerere e arare e cucurrry no credit score oror i incncomome e rerequs to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-xy from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe ef your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave e. the remaining money can be used for anything.
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guys, i like to make you smile with the daily dose of super cute. we're talking about asian small clawed otter pups. >> oh, man. >> these little pups, three females, one male, are at the woodland park zoo in seattle, washington. they were just born on january 20th. but there's something more to this video. it's not just about them playing around. >> that's great. i'm happy watching this. >> listen to it, too. sound like little gerbils. not only are we seeing this. we're about to see them take one of their first swims. it's so adorable because the family is helping out. >> that looks painful. >> mom and dad are both very involved in the parenting of these pups. but you also have four older brothers who are very involved. >> you know what's funny about this? when you're growing up, sometimes your parents threaten you that they're going to teach you how to swim by just throwing you in the pool? that's how otters really do it.
10:57 am
>> that's exactly how it happens. once they finally perfect the swimming, they are going to be slid out into the enclosure with their four brothers and mom and dad. so the visitors in the zoo can watch these otters in action. we all know that sometimes when you're traveling, can you get really, really hungry. and sometimes there's nothing else to eat. for this woman, there was something she could eat. and it's pretty disgusting. >> oh! god! >> yes, yes, yes, she is taking that skin as she picked it off her own foot and put it in her mouth. >> that is disgusting. >> and she doesn't just do it once. when she has a piece that she apparently finds quite tasty, she goes back for more. >> oh, she's really digging, too. peeling it off. >> she's trying to get as much as she can get. >> they're probably these big, thick calluses that smell.
10:58 am
>> she looks like a lady going to work, on her morning commute reading a book. i feel like someone needs to be, like, listen. you're eating your feet. >> it's very possible that that is the case because there is something known as dermatufagia. it's a disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder where sufficienters of this eat their own skin. >> people eat their living room sofa, you know. >> i love it. that could be my favorite video of the week. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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